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Holistic health and wellness business. Connecting the mind, body and soul through meditation and movement. Empowering people to be healthy, happy and strong and the best version of themselves from anywhere in the world. Creating a community of Heart, Health and Happiness.

Holistic Health and Fitness

  • Connecting the body, mind & soul through meditation and movement.

  • Empowering people to be healthy, happy & strong.

Elysia Wellness Retreat, Hunter Valley

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Studies show that students who were taught meditation at school reported higher optimism, more positive emotions, stronger self-identity, greater self-acceptance and took better care of their health as well as experiencing reduced anxiety, stress and depression.

Heart of the Hunter offers:

Relaxation & Movement for the body, mind & soul:

💫 Meditation & Mindfulness

💫 Boxing

💫 Yoga

💫 Personal Training

💫 Holistic Counselling

💫 Embodied Movement

💫 Dance

💫 Low Tox Education & Essential Oil Workshops

💫 Stress Management

💫 Seated Movement

 💫 Active Kids Provider

💫 Student Mentorship


Hi, I'm Lauren Short, Meditation & Movement Facilitator & Holistic Coach

About me

Hey, I am Lauren Short

My business name is @heart_of_the_hunter. I am originally from the Hunter Valley. I previously worked in credit management for a top tier law firm and student education (corporate for 10+ years) in London and Sydney. I lived in Newcastle for 2 years, London for 8.5 years and Sydney for 5 years. I work at the beautiful Elysia Wellness Retreat.

In my spare time you will see me at the:

* Beach
* Picking flowers from the garden
* Relaxing and having a BBQ/picnic
* Dancing
* Moving (walking/yoga/bush walks)
* Learning something new
* Spending time with my loved ones

I have always had a passion for holistic health, wellness and fitness.  I am a meditation and movement facilitator.  I completed a Certificate IV in New Small Business through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme program and was mentored for 12 months.

Highlights of my fitness and wellness journey so far:

* I have participated in two London marathons in aid of cancer research UK (26.2 miles).
* I have participated in several running events supporting charities: Breast cancer UK, children’s literacy foundation, Beyond Blue and Dementia Australia.
* I have trained a client to run in the city to Surf and complete the Kokoda trail in aid of Beyond Blue.
* Working for a not-for-profit charity teaching boxing and circuit training to a community.
* Teaching seated movement to elderly people
* Teaching chair yoga and meditation for a not-for-profit disability respite organization.
* Teaching meditation to the largest accounting firm in Australia. 

* Facilitating a Mental Health Campaign ‘Kick Fear in the Hunter’.

* I have sponsored a child through the Young Living Foundation in Ecuador.

I was a ballet dancer for 10 years and I am a network marketing professional and brand partner for Young Living Australia. I am a mental health and suicide prevention first aider

When I work with my clients, I offer a holistic approach. I provide support that looks at the whole person, not just their mental health needs. The support addresses their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.

My inspiration is my pop👴 it was so painful to watch him suffer with dementia. Sadly he passed away in February this year. I can’t stress the importance of good nutrition, exercise and reducing the chemical load in our homes and bodies by going lowtox (natural is best). He was always my number one supporter in everything I did.

Please send me a message if you are interested in:

Relaxation & movement for the body, mind & soul.

💫 Meditation
💫 Boxing
💫 Personal training
💫 Dancing
💫 Low tox education & Essential Oil Workshops
💫 Stress management
💫 Seated movement

💫 Yoga

💫 Active Kids Vouchers



Introduction to Meditation Class

When was the last time you felt relaxed and rejuvenated?

* Relaxation for the body, mind and soul

* Gentle Movement

* Release Tension

* Stress Management

* Revitalize your spirit

One on one personal Training sessions tailored to achieve your goals and improve your overall wellbeing

Personal Training and Holistic Counselling

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$60.00 - $220.00


Meditation Classes for a healthier, happier and more resilient children.

$ 20.00

Group Meditation & Movement Classes

Incorporating meditation movement (stretching and dancing)

Corporate Stress Management

Designed for individuals, teams, or HR professionals looking to boost wellbeing at work. Give your team the resilience to remain productive and positive in any work environment.

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What my students say

Lauren ran a seated movement class for my elderly mum (87) and me to get us both back into exercising. It was the most fun I've ever had exercising. We started with stretches, then gently picked up the pace with Lauren catering to my mum's abilities ...
Lauren is very knowledgeable about fitness and what she doesn’t know she will always do her homework to find out and help you Lauren was my daughter and I's fitness trainer for 3 months (Live Life Get Active) and she showed experience and ...
Lauren Is SUCH A GREAT TEACHER!! I totally recommend her. Very welcoming and calm nature.